Geoffroy Dupuis

Managing Partner

Thanks to his large exposure with major players in the European financial industry, Geoffroy has developed expertise in:

  • Daily banking (current accounts & payments: credit & debit cards, direct debit, credit transfer, cash management, check, …)
  • Consumer finance (loans, mortgage, leasing, credit cards,…)
  • Receivables finance (factoring, purchase of receivables, debt collection agencies, credit insurance,…)
  • Investment (all retail & private banking investment product & processes)
  • Insurance products (live & non-live)


Geoffroy has also significant experience in:

  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Business and operational strategy
  • Sourcing strategy (in-sourcing, co-sourcing, outsourcing, comparative sourcing models & agreements)
  • Management Information Systems
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Business process re-engineering,
  • Product portfolio analysis
  • System selection and implementation

Prior to founding Finflag, Geoffroy Dupuis has spent many years in consulting firms and the financial transaction banks departments. He led large scale projects related to the migration of payment scheme for processing platform internalized, the new product launch or the reorganization and pooling of Banking Department.