Automate and digitalize your processes

We develop and integrate business solutions, whether ready-to-use to fit your budget or tailor-made to fit your needs.

Finflag solution team is adressing four solutions segments:

Management Solutions

Our management solutions allow business owners to master their environment independently from internal or external suppliers.

In particular, we are covering following business functions:

  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Reconciliation & Controls
  • Cost allocation & Profitability analysis
  • Supplier SLA & costs follow up

Our solutions are non-invasive, easy to deploy and immediatly actionable.

Transactional Solutions

Banks are more and more likely to use external modules to plug into their application landscape. We are continuously monitoring trends and raising FinTech’s offering to propose a range of up-to-date solutions for transactions in digital banking:

  • Digital payment transactions
  • Cardless payment transactions
  • Blockchain transactions
  • P2P transactions

We can help financial organizations to speed up their solution selection and integration process of digital transaction solutions.

Testing Solutions

Testing is a fundamental element of the digital approach. It is the lastest filter before the customer experience.

As a decent testing approach in current IT landscape cannot be considered without a minimum level of automation, FinFlag has selected a modern range of great automated testing softwares dedicated to the financial transaction environment.

We can help you reducing the testing costs and increasing the testing reliablity by selecting the best of breed solution for each segment of your testing plan.

Product Engineering

Specific businesses require specific developments. At FinFlag, we have a tailor-made team for tailor-made solutions.

Our analysts and developpers understand the client contexts, the client expectations and the client organizations. There is no better way to start a custom development.

Finally, we make sure our analysts and developpers know what bridging IT and business means.

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