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Our consultants have a combination of technical, industrial and financial background combined with soft skills to support and conduct your project to destination.


  • Product Innovation: new digital platform integration, new digital payment application, Proof of Concept design,… 
  • Market entry analysis: new scheme, new processor, new payment cards,…
  • Products and services positionning: card portfolio rebalancing, acquisition strategy review, loyalty & customer retention…

Digital Transformation

  • Front-end digitilization: connecting the customers with digital payments, new gateway,…
  • Back-end digitalization: reconciliating payments & operations, automatic dispute handling, fraud management,…

Operational Excellence

  • Process improvement and “Lean and Mean” approach: authorization, clearing, settlement, dispute, exception handling,…
  • Agile organisation and processes
  • Target operating model definition: becoming PML or affiliate, processor integration, card manufacturing integration, …

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