ETL & Data prep

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “ Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax. ” 

Data prep aims at sharpening the ax. The ETL module qualifies, harmonizes, enriches and normalises all incoming entries before loading target data in the system.

This is a key module although not very visible from an end-user perspective.

Function 1 : Extract

  • Get data from different source
    • API
    • File via FTP
    • External DB (core system, CRM, BI,…)
    • Local file
    • Forms

Function 2 : Transform

  • Perform data enrichment and transformation
    • Data mapping
    • Data enrichment
    • Data qualification
    • Calculation
    • Conditional transformation

Function 3 : Load

  • Load data manually or automatically
  • Automatic load triggered by;
    • Business event
    • Schedule


  • The ETL module is based on Pentaho server edited by Hitachi Vantara encompassing a Tomcat server


  • Loaded files are stored in an archive folder for subsequence consultation

Merchant acquirer Case


ATM acquirer Case


BIN sponsor Case


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