User management & SSO

The system offers the possibility to adapt user rights according to a user profile. What screens can be accessed and within the screen, what function are allowed or not.

The solution has a native module for user management but can also be integrated with corporate single-sign-on solution (SSO)

Function 1 : Create profiles

  • Profiles aim at defining specific user rights per function
  • User rights are defined at two levels:
    • Screen level (high level rights)
    • Function level (low level rights)

Function 2 : Create users

  • Users are created and edited by administrator
    • User ID
    • Password security level
    • Password reset
    • User parameters (email, phone,..)
  • User are associated with a profile

Function 3 : Single Sign On

  • The user management module encompasses an integration with corporate single sign on solution

User data base 

  • The user data base is isolated from the operational database
  • The user data base is encrypted

Single Sign On integration

  • The single sign on integration is based on the ‘OpenID Connect’ protocol.

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