No code solutions for back-offices in the financial & payment industry

Leading-edge back-offices applications as flexible as front-office applications

From reconciliation to month-end closing without a line of code

What's about

B-Cephal is a no code platform to develop and maintain back office business applications.

The solution is based on generic modules such as data sourcing, data treatment, user management and business specific modules such as reconciliation, end of month closing, billing,…

Spotlight on popular B-Cephal modules

Selection of modules designed for Card Issuers, POS & ATM acquirers, Settlement Agents and International Fund Transfers


Automatic reconciliation on demand: customized, automated & flexible

Accounting & End of month closing

Automatic industrial accounting and end of month closing

Performance & Cost analytics

Improve back-office processes and products efficiency

Billing & Collection

Customized mass billing for rapid deployment and flexible evolution


No code solution for more efficient and more relevant business applications In both set-up and run modes

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