Virtual Business Controller

The business controlling function in payment is very challenging:

  1. The payment cost structure of global payment schemes is very complex
  2. The reconciliation process is not straight forward (settlement, scheme fee, chargeback and ICH)

Product owners do not often reach the level of control they would like to reach, by lack of time and resource.

Our Virtual Business controller is closing the gap.

He will do what business controllers do, but continuously, systematically and automatically.

With our VBC, the human business controllers are starting one level up, when the others are spending time at the data crunching level.

A non-invasive no code solution rapidly integrating data from multiple data sources – core systems, clearing and settlement, dispute cases, exception handling, supplier invoices (scheme, processor, manufacturer, counterparties,…) – to provide decision makers in payment with relevant business data.

Function 1 : Gather and analyze data

  • It reviews on regular and systematic basis the evolution of costs, the evolution of the rates and the evolution of the quantity billed for each billing period
  • It helps identifying new billing events and abnormal trends
  • It offers a benchmark on scheme, product, entities or geography

Function 2 : Control

  • It controls relevancy of between scheme invoice amount and actual operational drivers
  • It forecasts scheme costs and interchange either for regular budget or for tactic and strategic decision regarding new product, card portfolio rationalisation or new scheme selection
  • It calculates scheme costs and interchange per transaction, especially useful for acquirer that offer an IC+ pricing to their merchant

Function 3 : Advise and improve

  • The AI engine crosses all the available data in the invoice and in the operational reports to advice improvement that directly impacts the P&L
  • It also helps preparing commercial discussion with schemes, especially on CBA where the big tickets are

Server & client environment 

  • Require following components
    • ETL Server (Java)
    • Core B-Cephal server (Java)
    • TT module (Java)
    • B-Cephal client (.net)
  • Installation available on site or in SaaS mode

Technical DB

  • The default DB is PostgreSQL


  • Multi user 
    • Native authentication and log in function
    • Possibility to integrate corporate Single Sign On protocol
  • Archive and purge
    • Native archive function to schedule DB back-up
    • Native purge function to reduce DB size without impacting business operations

Merchant acquirer Case


ATM acquirer Case


BIN sponsor Case


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