Profitability & Performance

A suite of applications designed to support management decisions in payment. The application aims at screening scheme and processor invoices, benchmarking profitability and performance, planning and forecasting costs & revenues and performing reports & analytics

A non-invasive solution rapidly integrating data from multiple data sources: core systems, clearing and settlement, supplier invoices (scheme, processor, manufacturer, counterparties,…) and dispute cases

Function 1 : Gather data

  • Define product portfolio
  • Define analytics dimension (client segment, geography, organisation,,..)
  • Define operation value chain
  • Gather revenue and cost figures
  • Gather revenue and cost drivers

Function 2 : Allocate data

  • Allocate cost per product per step on the value chain
  • Calculate unit cost per product and per defined dimension

Function 3 : Do the analytics

  • Generate the product profitability tree articulating unit revenue, unit cost and drivers per product and per dimension
  • Perform sensibility analysis (‘what If’ analysis)
  • Benchmark

Server & client environment 

  • Require following components
    • ETL Server (Java)
    • Core B-Cephal server (Java)
    • TT module (Java)
    • B-Cephal client (.net)
  • Installation available on site or in SaaS mode

Technical DB

  • The default DB is PostgreSQL


  • Multi user 
    • Native authentication and log in function
    • Possibility to integrate corporate Single Sign On protocol
  • Archive and purge
    • Native archive function to schedule DB back-up
    • Native purge function to reduce DB size without impacting business operations

Merchant acquirer Case


ATM acquirer Case


BIN sponsor Case


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Profitability & Performance

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