Billing & Collection

A suite of applications designed to support billing and collection process. The billing process is based on billing events, billing templates (pricing type, periodicoity, trigger, client segment, condition), settlement template (gross, net, blended, IC+,…). The system encompasses a collection module.

A non-invasive solution rapidly integrating data from multiple data sources: core systems, CRM, cleatring & settlement, accounting, currency exchange rate,…

Function 1 : Pricing definition

  • Define pricing type
  • Define periodicity
  • Define driver
  • Define condition for application (client and product parameters)
  • Parameterize pricing amounts

Function 2 : Billing

  • Manual invoice creation and correction
  • Automated invoice production
  • Automatic sending to client via email

Function 3 : Collection

  • Automatic matching with bank account (structured message)
  • Non matched items logs

Server & client environment 

  • Require following components
    • ETL Server (Java)
    • Core B-Cephal server (Java)
    • Billing module (Java)
    • Reconciliation module (Java)
    • Messenger module (Java)
    • B-Cephal client (.net)
  • Installation available on site or in SaaS mode

Technical DB

  • The default DB is PostgreSQL


  • Multi user 
    • Native authentication and log in function
    • Possibility to integrate corporate Single Sign On protocol
  • Archive and purge
    • Native archive function to schedule DB back-up
    • Native purge function to reduce DB size without impacting business operations

Merchant acquirer Case


ATM acquirer Case


BIN sponsor Case


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Billing & Collection

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