Payment Reconciliation

As data flows from PSPs, banks, processors and schemes have diverse formats and contents and are usually fragmented, reconciling payment figures with invoices and orders is usually time consuming and complex.

B-CEPHAL is a no code solution for automatic reconciliation of diverse data sources in payment:

  • Load your files (CODA, CAMT, MT940/42, SPD, FPD, VSS, processor, core system, accounting files,…) automatically in the tool
  • Create dedicated multi-panels screens to compare different sets of data
  • Reconcile manually data
  • Create automatic reconciliation jobs via reconciliations keys that you define easily
  • Isolate no matched data for issue fixing or reporting

Function 1 : Sourcing

  • Load the data sets to reconcile:
    • Through industry dedicated APIs (eg clearing & settlement date)
    • Trough automatic file transfers (eg scheme invoice, QMR, QOC,…)
    • Through forms (eg billing event parameters, dispute case,…)
  • Clean the data and perform the data prep (data enrichment)
  • Create the connexion between the different data set without code

Function 2 : Reconciliation

  • Reconciliation algorithm definition:
    • Reconciliation key between the different data sets
    • Interval of tolerance for reconciliation (expressed in absolute or relative figure)
    • Conditions for reconciliation (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many)
  • Automatic reconciliation pattern parameterization
  • Reconciliation log
  • Reconciliation reset

Function 3 : Reporting & analytics

  • Non matched items logs
  • Non matched amount evolution per reconciliation item types
  • Case management

Server & client environment 

  • Require following components
    • ETL Server (Java)
    • Core B-Cephal server (Java)
    • Reconciliation module (Java)
    • B-Cephal client (.net)
  • Installation available on site or in SaaS mode
  • Runs on Windows (client and server) or Linux (only server)

Technical DB

  • The default DB is PostgreSQL


  • Multi user 
    • Native authentication and log in function
    • Possibility to integrate corporate Single Sign On protocol
  • Archive and purge
    • Native archive function to schedule DB back-up
    • Native purge function to reduce DB size without impacting business operations

Merchant acquirer Case


ATM acquirer Case


BIN sponsor Case


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