Scheme invoice forecast

Generation of scheme invoice amount control and forecast based (1) on operational drivers from core system & processor data sources (authorization & clearing) and (2) on standard scheme pricing model populated with client specific pricing data.

With these ingredients, the scheme cost forecast engine generates scheme fee forecast and compares it with actuals in a user friendly format.

Several functions related to scheme invoice monitoring:

  • Scheme invoice amount consistency and relevancy control (eg variance analysis per billing event per period )
  • Sensitivity analysis (eg what if interregionnal volume grows by 15%)
  • Benchmark (eg between scheme, between product, between organisation)
  • Scheme cost forecast (eg budget for the 3 coming years)

Function 1 : Data collection

  • Load scheme invoice (File transfer)
  • Load relevant clearing & settlement data (API)
  • Load quarterly reports (File transfer or API)
  • Customize scheme billing event parameter (if required)
  • Define forecast parameters (growth rate per relevant dimensions)

Function 2 : Calculate expected scheme invoice

  • Scheme invoice amount relevancy engine for existing invoices
  • Forecast engine for future invoices

Function 3 : Run the analytics

  • Reconcile forecast with actuals
  • Variance analysis & case management for excessive variance
  • Sensibility analysis (‘what If’ analysis)
  • Benchmark

Server & client environment 

  • Require following components
    • ETL Server (Java)
    • Core B-Cephal server (Java)
    • Scheme monitoring module (Java)
    • B-Cephal client (.net)
  • Installation available on site or in SaaS mode

Technical DB

  • The default DB is PostgreSQL


  • Multi user 
    • Native authentication and log in function
    • Possibility to integrate corporate Single Sign On protocol
  • Archive and purge
    • Native archive function to schedule DB back-up
    • Native purge function to reduce DB size without impacting business operations

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