ATM acquirer Case

Major banks have joined forces to create the largest ATM network in Central Europe. ATM are accepting global and local schemes. In order to securize the integrity of financial flows (clearing, settlement, scheme fee, interchange, chargeback,scheme invoices) and to streamline the end of month closing, the joint-venture has deployed the B-Cephal platform on top of operational systems. The solution reconciles automatically the daily transaction and triggers alerts in case of discrepancy, providing a relieving sense of confidence in back-office.

Key metrics



50 million

Withdrawals / y


Automated reco

3 months



The objective is twofold: (1) reconciling all clearing & settlement flow for each settlement platform (OFF US vs ON US settlement, global vs local schemes) and (2) provide preformated and normailised input for end of month closing

The project has been implemented in two phases. A first phase to monitor the local scheme (BCMC – gross settlement) and a second phase to migrate and monitor the global schemes (VISA/MCI – net settlement) .

Within phase, the project team has applied a standard waterfall approach (specification, parameterisation, integration, user test and deployment in production)

The project has been delivered in two phases:

  1. BCMC – 1 month
  2. VISA/MC – 2 months


Client’s testimonial


The role of B-Cephal is to give the management team a reinsurance on the integrity, consitency and reliability of reported figures. As systemic actor in the cah mobility, we are closely monitored by authorities and shareholders. The integrity and reliability of our reporting and booking are our major requirements.


  • Rapid deployment

  • Automated EOM closing

  • Sense of confidence

  • Automated daily reconciliation

  • Integrity

  • Evolutive solution

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