BIN sponsor Case

Key BIN Sponsor for Visa and Mastercard in Benelux with more that 25 affiliates is operating the settlement of the affiliate for OFF US and ON US settlement platforms, for both issuing and acquiring. The company is working with several processors. In 2018, they were looking for an end-to-end ERP dedicated to payment. B-Cephal has been selected after a RFP process. The B-Cephal modules in scope are reconciliation, accounting and billing.

Key metrics

2 billion


> 25



reco types




The objective was to deploy one single platform for the organisation back office. The solution scope was:

  1. Reconciliation clearing and settlement of issuing and acquiring
  2. Daily accounting posting and EOM closing
  3. Affiliate billing
  4. Collection management
  5. Prefunding & collateral management
  6. Risk monitoring (cash position and ALM)

The implementation was phased per scheme (Maestro, Mastercard and VISA).

The team has applied a standard waterfall approach (Specification, Parameterization, Integration, Test and deployment in production).

Each phase have been deployed in 6 months.

The effort per phase was between 50 and 80 mandays.

Client’s testimonial

Tony Marsboom

With B-CEPHAL, we operate our settlement agent business, in full control and full automation, for more than 25 banks with off-us and on-us settlement platforms. All the regular reconciliations & bookings are performed automatically with B-Cephal and end-of-month closing process is fully automated. Our business operator team can therefore focus on value-added activities for our members


  • Full ERP

  • Automated EOM closing

  • Evolutive

  • Automated reconciliation

  • Limited controller team

  • Mass treatment

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