How we help our clients

We supply a comprehensive range of Services to the payment industry going from Business Strategy to Technical Implementation & Testing. In addition and transversely, we offer Training and Project Staffing. We can assist you in every challenge you are facing in today’s rapidly evolving payment industry. From Strategy to Execution, from Ideation to Launch, FinFlag will assist you every step of the way.

FinTech Intelligence

We constantly monitor, analyse and rank Financial Technology Companies, also known as FinTechs, according to their potential to disrupt and transform the established market. Their use of emerging technologies often results in the disintermediation of existing financial services firms. Partnering with FinTechs represents an opportunity for incumbent players if executed correctly.

Technological Insights

Emerging Technology is an important driver for innovation, and ultimately for growth.We help you understand and thus harness the power of emerging technologies enabling you to grasp new opportunities for growth.

Training & Education

From an introduction to the payment systems to a detailed presentation on “hot” technological or regulatory topics such as PSD2, blockchains, or instant payments, FinFlag is providing on the shelf or customized training session allowing you to cover your business needs.

Business Consulting

By Finflag

Our consultants have a combination of technical, industrial and financial background combined with soft skills to support and conduct your project to destination.

Regulatory and Compliance Consulting

By Finflag

Our team will assist payment departments and payment institution in managing the increasingly complex regulatory landscape they are facing. We offer Compliance as a Service to address the various needs of the sector. In a regulatory challenging world, the pragmatism and flexibility of our consultants allow us to be business-minded with a strong operational compliance expertise for maximum cost-efficiency.

Technical Consulting

By Finflag

Our technical consultants have an end-to-end mindset to avoid deconnection between business and IT.


We develop and integrate business solutions, whether ready-to-use to fit your budget or tailor-made to fit your needs. Our B-CEPHAL solutions allow managers and experts in payment to master their business environment.

Ready to talk about our solution ?

With FinFlag and its flash study products, you have all the KPI for your department in record time. The aim of a flash study is not only to shed light on the profitability drivers of your products, but also to compare the performance of one product against another, and against the industry champions.

The analysis provides you with all the levers you need to better manage your product portfolio, plus you will feel more comfortable in your discussion with suppliers and will achieve better outcomes.